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Now accounts of mobile operators in more than 35 countries of the world can be replenished for WebMoney

Tourists, businessmen, it is very important to always stay in touch in another country and be able to call. However, it is often necessary to face a situation where, for various reasons, replenishing a mobile phone account becomes a difficult task. That is why the WebMoney Transfer system offers the service of the Telepay service to replenish cellular operators almost anywhere in the world online.

The service has a function of choosing mobile operators from 35 countries of the world (more than 100 operators), among which are the states of Southeast Asia, the Near and Middle East, Africa, South and Central America. Recall that earlier WebMoney users had the opportunity to pay for the services of cellular operators in Russia, Ukraine and Moldova.

The service of paying bills for mobile phones, the Internet and utilities is by far one of the most popular services of the WebMoney Transfer system. Payment for WebMoney is instant. The user selects the country of the cellular operator and indicates the amount in national currency, to which you need to replenish the account. The system automatically recounts the amount to the dollar rate and writes off funds from the WMZ wallet. Communication services, thus, can be paid wherever there is a possibility of access to the Internet, and even directly from a cell phone.
New features of the service will be especially in demand by Russian tourists, as well as professionals of the tourism business, paying for telephone calls of their employees and partners in different countries of the world. In the near future, the service version will be available in English, as well as through the WebMoney Keeper Mobile application.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100207/

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