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New Facebook games attract adult ladies

Having decided to analyze the audience of casual game users, we (insidesocialgames.com - approx. Lane) selected four of the most popular games on the social network. FrontierVille and Treasure Isle, both from Zynga, Social City from Playdom and Hotel City from Playfish. A look at the new games allows you to get some idea of ​​how the audience has changed in the first half of this year.

The first thing that catches your eye is gender disproportion among users. Tethechek, in a word, more among the number of players

As you can see, a significant advantage. Apparently, this was due to the fact that this year only a total of male-oriented games such as Zynga's Texas HoldEm Poker were released.

Now let's see how exactly the audience is distributed among these four applications:


Women have long been the driving force in the casual games industry, encouraging developers to release such estrogen-friendly hits like Diner Dash. Of course, last year such a dynamics was observed, but now the quantitative gap between men and women is enormous.

The second conclusion from the graphs is that women from the middle age category are at the forefront of women playing. The distribution of age among the four games is presented in the graph below:


We got an interesting scatter. Games from Zynga and Playfish occupy approximately the same number of audiences in all age groups (Treasure Isle was removed from the schedule, because it almost coincided in results with FrontierVille). However, Hotel City, as can be seen, is the absolute leader among girls of puberty, has superiority and is older for girls, but closer to the third ten, it loses its leading position.

If you do not look at the results of Hotel City, you might think that the developers are focused on middle-aged women, paying less attention to younger age groups, for example. But, apparently, this is also due to the fact that game manufacturers take into account the banal majority of users, which falls on this age group.

However, there is another side: oddly enough, the actual game activity of a young user is significantly lower than an adult.

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