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AB OVO: the original promo "FROM THE EGG"

The secret of a successful promo lies in the exact reason found for a mass of people to talk about your product, regardless of the product itself, or the amount of money spent on creating this occasion. One of the successful examples is the original flash drive in the form of an egg released by the owners of the ambitious web of the 3.0 start-up EggTop.com. The whole joke is that, depending on the fullness of the flash drive with information, the rotational speed of the “egg” changes, that is, it can be “cool” or “raw”.
An unusual 32-gigabyte USB flash drive has been released for the release of a multi-featured recommendatory network of the new generation, an online virtual producer for creative people EggTop.com. A fashionable social network, which includes a unique patented mechanism for online promotion of creative people - musicians, artists, photographers, creators of flash games and cartoons, at the stage of a closed technical release, attracted the attention of Western audiences, gathering a fan of articles presenting the project as a MySpace competitor. . According to the portal customers, the word “Egg” (from English means “egg”) is played out on the one hand somewhat hooligan (“pull your eggs up”), and quite in the spirit of web 2.0 - Egg (egg) has a perfect shape, and in American slang means "cool", "pontovy." The egg is great for both “promotion” and for creating an original character for cartoons, games, and other comics, which was also used to create EggTop promotional applications for social networks. The name has also come together to create a flash drive with a unique way of determining occupancy with information. Isn't it very convenient, without inserting a drive into a computer, to find out if there is free space on it?

Technically, the idea of ​​finding out how much space is left on the gadget is similar to the method for determining the readiness of an egg - whether it is raw or boiled. When the flash drive is full, it rotates quickly, like a boiled egg rotates. The more free space on it, the slower the rotation.

An exotic product still exists in a single copy, but the creative management of EggTop.com specifically for Harbahabr readers shared the secret of creating a unique product ...
The reason for such a different behavior lies in the fact that a boiled egg rotates as a whole; in a raw egg, its liquid contents, not immediately receiving a rotational movement, with their inertia retards the movement of the hard shell, thereby playing the role of a brake. Similarly, when you stop the rotation. If you touch your boiled egg with your finger, it stops immediately. A raw egg, stopping for an instant, will rotate a little more after taking away a hand. This again occurs due to inertia: the internal liquid mass continues to move after the solid shell has stopped.

A similar idea in “EggTop” was decided to use to determine the “workload” of information of a regular flash drive. Technically, the implementation of the idea is not difficult. The body was made of plastic in the form of an egg with a diameter of 2.5 centimeters and a length of 3.3 centimeters in the "closed" state. In the implementation of the internal filling of the gadget uses the following chip: on the flash card has an additional capacitor, the charging voltage of which depends on the degree of filling of the flash memory. A flat disk made of magnetic material with a spiral spring is used as the “liquid content” of the egg. A flat inductance coil is also formed on the board under the pendulum. The discharge current of the capacitor flows through the inductor, and its value depends on the degree of filling of the flash memory. This creates a magnetic brake for a pendulum of various strengths, so the type of rotation of the “egg” will depend on the degree of memory filling.

Rotate the egg flash drive in the "closed" state.

The interested reader himself will be able to implement such a scheme and easily implement it. We add that sometimes bright promotional ideas themselves begin to be a separate product, often causing no less interest than the product "promoted" by them. I wonder if the number of readings of this post can exceed the demand for “cool eggs” from the site www.eggtop.com ? Time will tell! And EggTop wishes to Habrahabr readers more bright and creative ideas! Eggs upstairs! ;-)

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