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Once again about invites and how to get them

Greetings to all readers of this blog, those who are not indifferent to the place in which we spend most of the time, help others to develop and develop themselves.

The motive for writing this topic was an email that came to me today at lunch, but first a brief background: last week I wrote several articles on Habr, including the blog "Telecoms", to my satisfaction, albeit for a while hit the home. Accordingly, in the comments there was a wide discussion, they asked me a lot, I answered a lot. Thus, I became “many,” I practically became “first caught” in some blogs. Yes, and also, my e-mail is indicated in the open form in the profile, I'm not hiding from anyone :)

So, to quote the letter:

from Sixtoff Andrew <sixtoff@gmail.com>
time in the sender's zone Sent at 13:16 (GMT + 04: 00) Time in the sender's zone: 13:18. ✆
to Goshila@gmail.com
dated July 26, 2010 13:16
theme habrahabr
sent via gmail.com
signed by gmail.com
Hide details 13:16 (15 minutes ago)

Good day!
Immediately I apologize for such an unexpected concern ...
And actually, I'm worried about this issue:
I have been fond of IT for a long time, namely IP telephony and NGN networks ... this is from history))
I have also been a “habr” reader for a long time, I think like you ... but fate has developed in such a way that it has not yet been registered there ...
therefore, if you have the opportunity and desire, I ask you to throw an invite - I’m ready to drop a couple of my articles on the telecom before this (unless of course you are not afraid to post them).
I apologize again for your concern. And thanks in advance for any whether a positive or negative result))
Have a nice day.

Regards, Andrew Sixtoff

I was surprised by the lack of direct appeal in the letter, which suggests the idea of ​​a mass mailing and I did not hesitate with the answer:

Andrew, tell me, do you write such letters to many? And by what criteria choose a mailing list? Anyone who has a box in the profile specified? Are there any articles in the sandbox?

Suddenly, soon (I assumed that I was almost communicating with the bot), the answer comes:

Actually, you are the second person to whom you wrote - you chose just the first who came from Telecoms.
I did not even know about the sandbox ... Thanks for the advice - I will try there .....

From the answer it becomes clear that this person simply did not know about the normal ways of getting an invite to a resource (and it is common practice for the audience of the former CIS to turn on first in the outlet, and when it smokes, read the manual); or the person simply did not believe that in the sandbox his post would be noticed and requested, which, indeed, happens relatively rarely.

In this case, it seems that this is the case, and the person will go and publish a post in the sandbox, all the rules;

but it’s also possible what I suggested at first: a bot-crawler that collects e-mails of high-profile / high-rating / simply active Habrovchan and sends them impersonal tears about invites. In response, sends the first available article from the wiki, in confirmation of its competence.

Or otherwise: publish an article from the nearest textbook in the sandbox, and then e-mail an invite by e-mail. Moreover, this trick can be performed en masse - the control over the sandbox is minimal.

And in general, the people of Khabrovka are democratic, they are ready to meet.

From here I get

1) Questions for which I seek answers with your help:

Have you ever had such bot tricks?
How did they end?
How many similar bots on Habré?
How many people on Habré, who simply didn’t know about the sandbox and guessed that way?
How many of those who drew attention to their post in the sandbox "external" ways?
Can bots after invites automatically gain karma and invite other bots or who have bought an invite?
Are there habraregulators for tracking bot activity?
In addition to bots and inattentive people, there is a “middle link” - trolls: how many people tried to get an invite at any cost with malicious intent?

At all "how much" I would like to estimate the percentage of the total audience.

2) Recommendations:

If we want to preserve the primordialness of Habr, we are attentive to the power that he gives us - for example, to give invites.

If we nevertheless decided on actions "bypass", do not be too lazy to double-check, find out the extra. information about the person, send another letter, perhaps it will change your "doubting" opinion.

To Habr developers: Improve embedded, intelligent mechanisms for tracking bot activity.

Post Scriptum:

To Sixtoff Andrew <sixtoff@gmail.com>: I hope that your posts will appear in the sandbox and a kind person will notice and send you an invite. Unfortunately or fortunately, it will not be me, because karma does not allow me this.

To residents of Habr: as in all spheres of life, I ask you to be attentive, alert, sanity.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100174/

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