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Rob Pike criticized C ++ and Java

At the OSCON conference, Rob Pike said that industrial programming languages, in particular C ++ and Java, are too complex and do not meet modern computing standards.
- They are too verbose and their confusion, complexity and verbosity only grows with time.
To illustrate the intricacies of these languages, Pike showed some examples of C ++ code.

- Such programming is too bureaucratic. Each step must be aligned with the compiler used.

Pike noted that despite some of the joke of his statements, such questions need to be asked. C ++ appeared in response to disappointment in low-level C, and Java was intended to simplify C ++. Over time, more and more functions were added to both languages, which made them more and more cumbersome.
He also noted that these languages ​​were created before the wide spread of multi-core processors and network technologies, so they hardly adapt to the new environment.

JavaScript is one of those languages ​​(including Ruby and Python) that were created in the last ten years in response to the growing complexity of C ++ and Java. But despite the simplicity of the syntax, these languages ​​have their weaknesses: poor performance, poor scalability, greater content of errors. Also, due to the fact that these languages ​​are interpretable, applications written in these languages ​​are not compiled before launch, which negatively affects the speed of their work. And the dynamic typing used in them can lead to static errors during execution that could be detected at the compilation stage.

After that, Rob began to describe the Go language as an attempt to learn the best aspects of the described languages.
“Go is an attempt to combine the security and performance of languages ​​with static typing with the convenience and ease of interpreted languages,” said Pike, adding: “How successful this attempt is, you decide.

I recall that Rob Pike stood at the origins of Unix, Plan 9, Inferno and UTF-8. Now working in Google .

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