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Logs of the war in Afghanistan published on Wikileaks

Last night, about 76,900 confidential files on the war in Afghanistan were published on Wikileaks.org . This is an array of information in the CSV and SQL formats with a volume of about 100 MB, which has yet to be thoroughly investigated. Apparently, the source of the files is the database of the US Army Command Center.

The Guardian newspaper filtered out the incidents in which civilians were killed: there were 144 such incidents. All cases are superimposed on the map and are collected in the table XLS .

According to Channel 4, during the hostilities from 2004 to 2009, 1138 NATO soldiers, 15506 enemies and 4232 civilians were killed.

The Guardian also calculated the number of improvised explosive device (IED) applications: about 16,000 reported incidents. It's amazing how the American army documents everything.

Before publication, the documents were sent to the largest media The New York Times, Der Spiegel and Guardian, which through their channels verified the information and confirmed authenticity. Newspapers published a detailed analysis of the data and large editorials today, on the day of publication of the documents. The action was agreed with Wikileaks.

Representatives of Wikileaks reported that the publication of another 15,000 Afghan files is delayed to remove sensitive information from them, including the names and surnames of the persons involved.

From the published documents, it can be seen how the resistance of the Taliban grew over time, and the American authorities began to suspect Iran and Pakistan of helping the bandits. For example, at the Taliban, from somewhere, earth-to-air missiles were launched, induced by the thermal radiation of airplanes, writes the NY Times.

Another interesting point is the documented activity of a certain unit of Task Force 373, which, apparently, was instructed not to take prisoners and destroy all their targets. For example, in one of the incidents of hunting for the leader of Al-Qaeda, the code 7 x NC KIA (children) is indicated. In military jargon, this means "seven civilians killed during an operation (children)."

The reaction of Washington followed immediately. Today, they sent a message to journalists recommending to call the published data “not sensational” and remind readers that Wikileaks is not a reliable source of information, but an organization that opposes American policy in Afghanistan.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100164/

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