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Google in Russia earns 4 times less than Yandex


Today there was a very interesting information - the financial report of the Russian branch of Google. Usually, a corporation does not open such data (regarding regional divisions), but this time an exception was made. So, in 2009, the revenue of Google LLC was 69.3 million US dollars, and the net profit, respectively, was 4 million US dollars. In principle, not bad, but not as good as with Yandex or even Mail.ru.

In general, it has long been known that Google in Russia is much less popular than the “national search engine”. In the world, of course, Google is the number one search service, 66.8% of all search queries process its servers. But in Russia, the share of the Google search market is almost three times less than that of Yandex. This also affects profits - at Yandex, it is 4.2 times higher. The same Mail.ru earned on the search market 1.5 times more than Google, although the share of Mail.ru search market is three times lower than that of Google.
Of course, one should take into account the difference in the direction of the business of the last two companies, but nevertheless, the trend is interesting. Anna Lepetukhina, an analyst at Troika Dialog, believes that Google’s profitability in Russia last year could be about 16%, while Yandex’s figure is 28.8%.

Unfortunately, the report of Google LLC does not show partnership payments, and this indicator should be included in such a budget item as cost. I note that last year this figure for the entire corporation was 31%.

In general, it’s not worth counting money in someone else’s pocket, but you must admit that the data is very interesting. Until now, I somehow did not think about who is leading in Russia in terms of financial indicators from search services. And these numbers, though not much, but still surprising. True, the share of Google is gradually increasing, and in the same 2009 it earned 57% more than in 2008. But so far, Yandex is far ahead.

By the way, in the same Ukraine, Google is much more popular than Yandex, which already has a Ukrainian division in quite a while. Unfortunately, the financial performance of the Ukrainian “Corporation of Good” is unknown, but perhaps someone owns this information - I think, in the light of the financial report of the Russian branch of Google, it would be very interesting to “compare the sheets” and the Ukrainian Google (and Yandex which is already there).

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