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Double click on items that can be dragged

A very long time ago I have a UserJS script installed in my browser that allows you to change the size of the input fields . This function itself is in some browsers initially, but this script has one nuance:


Yes, this is the “double-click to reset dimensions” function. It is addictive, and now on any element that can be moved, I automatically do a double-click in the hope that it will assume either the optimal or the initial position.
Examples where this can be used:

1) In image viewers. If the scale always adjusts to the window size, then by double-clicking on the resizing element, the scale can be reset to 100%.


2) In image editing programs, blank fields around the image could be removed.


3) Sliders could be reset to their original position. It is very useful if you inadvertently move the slider.


4) In all controllers that control the scale, it would be possible to reset the scale to 100%. For example, in the Opera pop-up window, the “100%” button would become superfluous with this function.

5) In many applications that use workspace partitioning, the optional part is hidden when double clicking on the separator:

6) I cannot fail to include in the list the possibility noted by many commentators to double-click in the header of the table of file managers or table-based processors, as a result of which the columns increase to a size that allows to fit the largest row.

In general, examples where this idea can improve the interface, mass. I would like interface developers to use it more often.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100143/

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