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Free hosting from Makhost

Makhost continues to “delight” and amaze. Another letter:
Dear client Makhosta!

Makhost is ready to provide hosting for any virtual hosting or VPS tariff absolutely free of charge for an unlimited period!

Terms and conditions:
- at least once a month to post a detailed objective objective justified article about Makhost. The theme can be any, for example, “Makhost's Technical Support” or “How to install php10 on Makhost hosting”. Articles should be placed on their POPULAR sites or in thematic forums or social networks, for example Habrahabr (preferable)

- it is forbidden to change the tariff and payment period, as well as order additional services, such as additional IP or software licenses. In case of violations, the account will be deleted without warning.

- The promotion applies only to new accounts. If you already have an account and want to participate in the promotion, then you need to register a new account and transfer your sites to it.

To receive a free account, you must place an order on the site WITHOUT DOMAIN REGISTRATION. Send to the address anatoliy@mchost.ru your login, as well as a link to the resource where you will post reviews and articles about Makhost or your nickname on the forum or on the social network.

Administration Makhosta

It is very strange to try in this way to return a client who has an “objective, reasonable” opinion about Makhost after the spring events.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100142/

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