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Nothing to eat? Type it in!


Here it is, "Horn of Plenty."

American scientists have developed a food printer concept called “Cornucopia” (cornucopia), which will work by cooling the ingredients, and then mixing and making layers of them. From different layers, then on the tray and printed dish. The concept was presented by two students at the Massachusetts University of Technology (MIT).
The process of printing food begins with choosing the right food refrigerated containers. Then they are mixed in a blender, and then a dish is made from different layers. When layers are placed on a tray, they are heated / cooled immediately after mixing in the print head.


Researchers say food printing takes cooking to a new level, in the digital age. The concept will allow you to create previously unknown flavors and tastes that were not available in conventional cooking. The developers claim that users will be able to control the nutritional value, quality and taste for each meal, using the touch screen and downloading new dishes via the Internet. The design also allows you to order the ingredient, if you need to end, or offer him a replacement.


Researchers hope that their concept will “provide a new perspective on new aesthetic and cultural opportunities that can be brought to a new, digital level”.

An interesting thing, but I still have to buy food :(

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100141/

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