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Starcraft II: A Tale of How to Abuse Ladder


Today finally comes StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. For a long period of beta testing, a huge number of bugs were caught, the balance was corrected, and security fixes were made.
However, they still did not notice the elephant ...

Once we played 2x2 with a friend on a ladder and chatted on Skype. I was completely defeated, and I left the game, and my partner continued to play (and as a result we won). After I left, I decided to watch some replays, and went to the tab with them. My surprise knew no bounds when I saw our last unfinished game there, entered it, and began to tell my partner on Skype to say what they were and where (of course, the replay lasted until that moment I left)


Of course, I became interested in the replay mechanism, began to study the system of their work, and made the following conclusions:
Accordingly, the following options are possible:


That's it, now I’m not tempted to use it in tournaments and become the king of Starcraft.
I hope, amused. Good luck everyone!

PS if uv. Blizzards will find this note useful, I will be glad to accept a key to Diablo III beta as a gift.


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