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Install Android 2.2 on Highscreen Zeus

The other day I became the proud owner of this device. Having played around with the factory Android 1.5, I decided to upgrade and install gugloservices. Reading this article , I noticed that the aforementioned version 2.1 is not the last, so I went further. Since the update is far from obvious (it is written for geeks, and not for random owners of this device), I want to describe the process itself in detail and with links.

Actually, the firmware manual.

First of all, everything works on Windows XP in a real environment (not under a virtual machine). Therefore, we go here (or immediately download the RUT firmware utility version 1.2.2 here ). The installation is elementary using setup.exe. After the installation is completed, we launch the actual utility from the icon on the desktop. Click Next until the firmware file request appears.

At this stage, it is important to choose which firmware to install. First, you need to put the routine for the next update to 2.2. Rutted firmware there are several. Here, under the label Android 1.5, there are already as many as 4. What is the difference between them?
* Firmware V51 from GeeksPhone (nb0), available here - firmware from GeeksPhone One, whose clone is Zeus.
* V51 firmware from GeeksPhone (.zip upgrade), available here - the same firmware, but in the form of zip, that is, it can be installed over custom recovery (see below).
* Modified factory firmware with root access via ADB, which can be downloaded here and here - a modified version of the following firmware with ADB access (see below).
* Factory firmware with root access, available here - the official firmware.
All firmware (except the second) are set the same, changing only the choice of the firmware file. Therefore, I will describe the general rules:

1. Go to the running RUT-1.2.2.
2. Select the desired firmware file
3. We transfer the device to the recovery mode (on the switched off device, press the camera + increase the volume + turn on until the vibration is triggered)
4. After the appearance of the recovery logo, we connect the phone through the cord to the PC.
5. When a device is detected, drivers will be requested. In the search path, specify C: \ Program Files \ RUT \ Drivers \ Android \ and rejoice - the driver is recognized and installed. After that, the Next button is activated in RUT.
6. Click Next and wait. The firmware has begun.
7. At the time of the reboot of the device, we take out and reconnect the cord in order to avoid an unpleasant mistake.
8. Finish the firmware.
9. Restart the device in normal mode. We get a bare rooted firmware version 1.5.

The unlock process for updating the version is almost complete.

You need to install custom recovery (a recovery manager doped by enthusiasts that supports zip firmware).

If you installed the first of the above firmware, then you can skip this item, you have already updated the recovery.

If you put the third, then we proceed as follows:
1. Download the archive .
2. Extract the recovery-AT-zeus-v1.0.0.img file to the root of the SD flash drive.
3. Connect the device to the PC
4. Among the devices we find the virtual cd-rom
5. Start the console (start - run - cmd)
6. In the console, enter cd <virtual cd-rom letter> (for example, cd E: \)
7. Enter the commands:
1) adb.exe
2) adb devices (if everything is good, in response we will receive a list of devices attached and a line with the device code)
3) adb flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-AT-zeus-v1.0.0.img
8. Recovery is sewn.

If we installed the fourth firmware, then we proceed as follows:
1. Download the same archive .
2. Unpack and go to the resulting folder.
3. Connect the device to the PC
4. In windows, run install-recovery-windows.bat, in Linux - install-recovery-linux.sh
5. If everything is flooded successfully, then you can run reboot-recovery-windows.bat in windows and reboot-recovery-linux.sh for linux, in order to reboot the device into recovery mode. Or reboot manually.

Then you can flash to the desired version of Android.

Here is a list of firmware for current versions.

A little bit about flashing.
Full firmware can be installed directly. Incremental - only on the previous one. That is, to get Android 2.2.12, download RCMod full upgrade , RCMod incremental , RCMod incremental , RCMod incremental , RCMod incremental and in the same sequence set (as - read below).

By the way, Google services need to be installed separately. As well as the fix for the hardware keyboard (glitch with a dot in the English layout).

Therefore, download the specified files, put them in the root of the SD flash drive and reboot the phone into recovery mode (reboot-recovery- [linux.sh] | windows.bat]).

We get a nice menu of custom recovery mode. To move up and down, you can use the volume slider, to return to the previous menu - the camera button, and to select - the central hardware button (HOME).

Select the mode Flash zip from sdcard. Recovery will detect all zip files on the card. We put it this way:
1. update-rc- (confirm by pressing HOME - the central hardware key - the firmware action)
2. gapps-froyo.zip
3. rcmod-cyrillic.zip
4. inc-rc-
5. inc-rc-
6. inc-rc-
7. inc-rc-
and restart the device by selecting Reboot System Now in the menu.

Everything, on our device is now a full-fledged Android 2.2 with go and geishas - google services work fine)

By the way, I personally have the firmware inc-rc- caused a glitch when calibrating the screen. Re-flashing helped. Most likely, this is my error during calibration, and not the failure of the firmware. Just in case, this link can be found fix for calibration errors. In my case, it is not needed.

In case of unsuccessful firmware, switching the device into recovery mode will help to flash the above method again.

If you want to upgrade to inc-rc-3.0.0. *, Download all inc-updates after inc-rc- (or the last one you have installed) and drop them into the root of the flash drive. Further update in the same way, from the recovery menu we sequentially sew the downloaded firmware.

Stay tuned for firmware updates here!

Special thanks to Habrachelovek Lavrenty for providing an invite!

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