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Eh, Google, Google ...

image Google surprises me. On the one hand, such a financial and technological colossus, on the other, such miserable and primitive bugs that are never fixed. For example, all the time that I work with Analytics (it’s about six months), I see two touching errors in the names of the days of the week in the calendar at once. At first I thought: nonsense, fix the next day. But half a year has passed, and it seems no one cares. And this is just one example. There are a lot of small bugs in various Google services. And it is small and stupid. It surprises me very much. Even more surprising is that when I wrote to their support forum, nothing changed. Not even answered. The feeling that Google just doesn't give a damn about it all. When we develop another super-duper product that will change the world, we don’t care about the fact that we have the wrong day of the week on our calendar. We will love without it. Apparently, such a logic.


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