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Why fell VKontakte

That's it, the question is decided. Information from twitter-a head of the Vkontakte press service Vlad Tsyplukhin.
@ tsyplukhin : “Lenenergo stopped supplying electricity due to failure of the 35th substation #vkontakte

@ tsyplukhin : “Some of the servers were restarted when switching to diesel. Now everything will be back #vkontakte »

UPD: At the moment (07/25/2010 20:30) All three sites are available and work as usual, BUT only some. Some people still have Service Temporary Unavialable. We wait

Commentary from Maxim Babichev, Head of Technical Support for Vkontakte.

@babichev : " #vkontakte is gradually being restored. It will soon work for everyone."

Attention, now the main thing

Lenenergo by @ vesti_news refutes the statement of the spokesman of VKontakte @ tsyplukhin : "There was no failure at the 35th substation"

UPD: 1:50 (GMT + 3) The Vkontakte website has stopped opening again. It may be running out of fuel in diesel generators, or maybe the Ministry of Internal Affairs takes out the remaining servers.

Everything is working.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100122/

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