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USB Seat Air - an interesting device to save from the heat


The device is very interesting, but very unusual. After all, how do those who do not have an air conditioner in the office or in the house usually escape from the heat? Of course, a more or less comfortable ventilator is acquired that cools the face, and, if possible, other parts of the body. But USB Seat Air, as you can already understand from the picture, does not cool the face, but ... well, in general, what is lower. Well, what, after all, what we are sitting on also requires cooling, right?

The girl on the chair looks well, very happy, let's hope that the device is also quite a lot really effective. This product is the development of the guys from Thanko company that surprised us many times. It is worth noting that there is no risk of getting an electric shock to the fifth point; Seat Air USB works when connected to a USB port of a computer or laptop. So the voltage is not too high.

In the picture you can also see the principle of operation of this pillow-perdushki pillows for cooling. USB Seat Air dimensions are 49 x 50.5 centimeters, so the fifth point cooler is fully compatible with all types of stools, office chairs and office chairs. Interestingly, the company also sells similar devices for car seats - but I think the air conditioner in the car should be enough without the Seat Air USB. Although, not all cars have air conditioning, so we will assume that the car’s analogue will also find its client.


I note that USB Seat Air is not as cheap as it might seem - $ 45 is quite a high price for such a simple device. But if someone really was exhausted by a hot chair / chair, then, of course, it’s worth buying.

By the way, I thought for a long time where to put the topic - in “Humor on Habré” or in “Gadgets. Devices for geeks. Still posted in the last category.

Well, if someone liked this thing, then you can buy it here (this is also the source of the news). It’s impossible to read the details, it’s all in Japanese, so the Google translator will help you.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100114/

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