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Grid Society: Communication Organization II

There is an idea to bind the identification system in the mobile grid network to some object, which is known as the “system of interconnected quantum states of elementary particles” (SVKS).
With a sufficiently large number of these particles, you can get a system in which the capacity of the rooms will last for an arbitrarily long time.

When a new participant joins the (new) network into the Network, the SVKS enters a new state, and for all other participants, it is possible to calculate its ID, which is described by the new state of the RCS.

Since the SVKS changes its state instantly with respect to all incoming particles, the same effect can be used to organize instant communication.
Note. I may not be completely accurate in terms, since this topic requires particularly deep knowledge of quantum mechanics. I am aware of the topic of publications describing experiments on the effects on a 2-particle CBC, as if the Australians did it.

Plus I read something about the paradox of Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen.

If there are sensible thoughts, I will be happy to learn how to tackle the topic, and discuss the principle itself (I hope it is quite clearly stated).

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/1001/

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