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Your mind is a crime scene

PASIV Device It reads the last page of the PASIV (Portable Automated Somnacin IntraVenous) MV-235A mysterious device manual. Just connect the container with the drug Somnacin, insert the needle into the vein, press the button and your mind becomes the scene of the perfect crime.

Secrets, secrets - all this no longer exists, and personal space has ceased to be so. Do you believe in the security of your own mind? Are you sure your thoughts are really yours ?

In early April, at the WonderCon conference in San Francisco, people in white T-shirts with QR codes were spotted. When deciphering the codes sent participants to the website pasivdevice.org .
PASIV Device

The site posted instructions for the device PASIV. With the help of a special drug, PASIV sends a person to a controlled sleep, in which he is most vulnerable to external influences. At the moment when the mind is under the control of the subconscious, someone from the side can easily penetrate into your consciousness and find out all your secrets. Sounds weird, probably the trick of the next freak?
In June, posters began appearing on the streets of Chicago and other major US cities, which called for thinking about protecting their thoughts today.

Mind Crime

At the same time, some journalists and people from the media industry received boxes with a USB flash drive and an object that resembles a small top:

Mind Crime

QR codes led to the site mind-crime.com , where the user was asked to create his own maze and walk it in 10 minutes.

mind-crime.com was the main site of the viral campaign dedicated to the release of the film by Christopher Nolan "Inception" ("Start" in the Russian box office). And here dreams? The main character of the film, performed by Leonardo DiCaprio, is a professional thief of ideas. The victim is put to sleep and becomes completely defenseless. Any idea of ​​the test subject can be easily stolen, and some ideas can even be imposed ...

Update: If you have not watched the movie - do not read the comments, SPOILERS !
Update 2: A good decoding of the movie ending: revolvingdoorproject.net/2010/07/23/inception-what-happened-at-the-end

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100092/

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