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Definition of IP geography - are there accurate services?

To create a multi-regional information portal, we have created a structure that is divided by cities, each user must select a city when registering. But I would like to automate this process. But how to do that? Use one of the available IP geolocation services? But they are all inaccurate or incomplete!

Most Russian IP definition services are either inaccurate, incomplete, or not updated, or simply do not provide details to the city. Western services in the principles are not convenient for Russia, because Most regional subgrids are automatically listed as Moscow or Russia only.

Paid services failed to test. But by defining the range of possible problems that such services encounter, it can be assumed that even the exact bases for Russia and the regions may neglect the quality and accuracy of information for other countries important for us - Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, etc.

The solution was the creation of our own collection of IP-addresses and manual moderation-binding to the cities of the world. Automation is used for now only with:
- collection of IP-addresses;
- survey of the international whois-database and saving the request data in the database for analysis;
- verification of IP-address ranges and processing system of overlapping or disputed ranges;
- definition of the country.
In the near future, we will add statistical information on the ranges of IP addresses collected and tied to cities. Now the priority countries are being processed and the interface is being refined for faster analysis.

PS Automated ways to define cities are by definition inaccurate, because There are such descriptions that will automatically be assigned to a false region. Administrators sometimes such pearls are left in the descriptions of the ranges ...

PPS By the way, IP-ranges can also be attached to the base of companies on the CREW portal, which will allow you to greet employees of companies more individually.

CREW professional team

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