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Famous writers began selling books directly to Amazon.

On Thursday, a significant event took place , which the publishing business was terribly afraid of. One of the world's most famous literary agents, Andrew Wylie, nicknamed Jackal (also called the Apocalypse Agent), officially launched the publishing house of the new generation The Odyssey Editions .

Through this office, writers from the Wiley list can directly sell e-books on Amazon.com, bypassing traditional publishers.

On Thursday, Amazon.com saw the first batch of books from modern and deceased authors, whose publication rights belong to Wiley. All books are on display at a standard price of $ 9.99. Among them are Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter Thompson, and the tetralogy of the John Updike Rabbit.
By selling books directly, the authors or their heirs receive from Amazon up to 75% of all funds raised. For comparison, publishers give the author no more than 25% of sales of the electronic version.

Under the old author's contracts, each writer reserves the right to independently sell his book in electronic form. Now many publishing houses urgently rewrite contracts, but it may be too late. It is much more profitable to sell books directly to the author, so many other well-known authors can go under the wing of Wiley.

In order to preserve the staff of authors, publishers will inevitably have to raise fees for e-books from the current 25% to at least 50%. Writers have long put forward such a requirement, arguing that the electronic versions are cheaper to produce.

A large publishing house Random House has already promised to connect lawyers to challenge the contracts signed by the authors with Andrew Wiley.

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