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Release Komodo Edit / Komodo IDE 6.0.0 Beta 2

Last year, I returned to using the free Komodo Edit cross-platform editor for HTML, JS, PHP projects. The main reason for the transition from Aptana IDE was a higher speed and Aptana's unexpected refusal to support native PHP extensions in favor of PDT.

I would like to talk about the changes that await us in the 6th version of the Beta 2 released on July 14:
The IDE has a database manager and project publishing tool (for easy synchronization of file changes). I personally still get around for this purpose Mysql Query Browser and the console utility Unison.

Screenshots and a more detailed description of the innovations (in English) - Komodo 6.0 features
Download page for the current version and beta release - Download Komodo Edit
PS In Komodo Edit, the Zen Coding extension works great for speeding up the layout process.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100068/

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