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Samsung uses iPhone 4 problems to advertise its Galaxy S

Probably everyone has already heard about the signal quality problems of the iPhone 4 , if you keep it in a certain way. Against this background, many companies began to build their advertising campaigns around this scandal.

For example, in an ad for a Motorolla DroidX phone, you might notice the following lines:

“And most importantly, two antennas are built into the phone at once. They give you the opportunity to hold the phone the way you want and make calls from anywhere. You have a voice. And you deserve to be heard. ”
But Samsung went even further and started sending its new Galaxy S phone free of charge to users from England who complained about their iPhone 4 on Twitter.

A little later, it turned out that all the people who received a new phone in this way lead popular blogs or work in well-known publications. But the fact remains, Samsung is struggling to use Apple's trouble to its advantage.

In addition to free phones, they launched a new advertising campaign.


As we can see, in the word Hello, instead of the letters ll, the signal quality icon is used. Obviously, this is also a kind of game on the iPhone 4 problems.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100060/

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