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Amiga - 25 years of multimedia stupor!


“Andy Warhol - I'm not yours!” They sing geeks after watching the latest release from Quartet I. They do not even know how right ...

25 years ago, the course of the entire history of multimedia and home computers could change beyond recognition thanks to Commodore and this famous artist. It was then, on July 23, 1985 in Lincoln Center (New York) that the first public presentation of the Commodore Amiga 1000 computer was held, and that Andy Warhol was one of the special guests of this event.

Amiga really quickly turned from a simple computer into an object of worship. High- quality advertising and entire propaganda films produced by Commodore in support of the brainchild actively contributed to this. The slogan "Only Amiga makes it possible" was not an empty sound! The computer was used on the edge of video technology during the installation and creation of CG scenes for films and television ( “Babylon 5” is the most vivid example). Any employee of the studio of cable television, who worked in 1992-1996 , will confirm to you - Amiga made a huge contribution to the development of independent TV in this country!


Unfortunately, there are not so many articles on Habré devoted to this legendary computer of the last century. I also do not set myself the task of conveying to you all the technical and ideological advantages of this platform over the PC and Apple in those days. Let's take a look at this holiday on games and multimedia in the format of the distant 80s. And all the memories, nostalgia, hatred and holywar of bygone days will be sent in the comments!


Walker , DMA Design for Amiga 500, 1993 (gameplay from 1:23)

Cannon Fodder , Sensible Software for Amiga CD32, 1993

Worms , Team 17 for Amiga 600, 1995


State of the Art by Spaceballs (Amiga 600)

Technological Death by mad elks (Amiga 500)

Starstruck by The Black Lotus (Amiga 1200/68060)

We come in peace by Elude (Amiga 1200/68060) 2010 release

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