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Contact the QSP community to the developers

Logo This letter aims to attract new developers to the QSP project.
QSP is a well-known Russian-speaking opensource-platform designed for writing text games.
The project has existed since 2001, and is currently developing.

The project needs new people who are ready to participate in the development. We will be glad to everyone.

Development directions:
1) Development of new players and improvement of existing ones (now there are players for Windows, Linux, Windows Mobile, PocketBook, PSP, Flash);
2) Improved specialized editor;
3) Development of useful utilities for game authors;
4) Improvement and optimization of the current interpreter code;
5) Improving design and usability (website, players, editor);
6) Writing and translation of documentation into other languages;
7) Have you come up with something interesting? Offer!
QSP is a non-profit project, however, as compensation for your contribution, you will receive invaluable experience in team development (help!), As well as get to know our friendly community.

Site and forum: qsp.su
Sources: svn2.assembla.com/svn/qsp/trunk

Several games online:
New Year's card 2010
A cup of coffee
Fairies: Missing Umbrella

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/100040/

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