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Dreams about something bigger (open letter)

Dear Colleagues,

My name is Arkady Moreynis, I am the Chief Director of Glavstart, and by the nature of my activity (and in fact, because of my interest), crowds of start-ups, presenting me their new and not-so-new projects, pass through me with a cheerful march.

Presentations are beginning to merge into a rumble, from which familiar to pain words punch through with frequency and power of a jackhammer: monetization, break-iv point, cash flow, business model, monetization again, strategic partnership, synergy, strategic investor, monetization again, key performance indicators, return on investment, the effectiveness of marketing communications, once again monetization, and again monetization, and again monetization, well, again to the heap monetization ...
Understand me correctly, I'm not complaining, all this is necessary and useful. And even it is very important to build a working business - to know and understand everything, and even more to do.

Only sometimes you want to hear something big and light. For example: “I have a crazy / weird / funny idea”.

You can take it, but it’s crazy, weird and funny ideas that most often conquer the world: a photo album of Harvard students, an online messenger with messages no longer than 140 characters, a search engine on the text of the Bible with Russian morphology, free mail (yes, when free mail seemed like a hopeless idea). Yes, by the way, the very idea of ​​taking and connecting all the computers of the world with wires to each other also once looked not quite healthy. And all the more feasible.

Do not be afraid to invent crazy ideas, do not be afraid to express them, do not be afraid to do them.

I would, for example, listen with a great pleasure a dozen or two crazy ideas. And he participated, and would help those ideas that seem to me quite crazy.

One of the easiest options to tell your crazy idea is to do it in the morning of July 31 (Saturday) at an event called Startup Weekend in Moscow, it will take place from Friday evening to Sunday evening.

Participation is free, you only need to register here . If there is no opportunity to come, then you can send a letter outlining the idea to the address idea on the glavstart dot ru.

See you later,
Arkady Moreynis

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