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Sony is working on high-capacity optical media.


Yes, indeed progress is accelerating every day, every hour. I do not think that many representatives of the hardware community have a Blu-Ray drive or player at home that supports this type of media. Of course, this is not such a rarity, but still the new format (and it is still new for the CIS countries) did not have time to firmly settle in our lives, like the same DVD, for example. Nevertheless, Sony is already working to create an even more capacious optical media. For this, active work is underway now - after all, you need to create a special type of laser beam.

And it is created, it is a blue laser of ultra-fast pulsation, which is capable of recording data well, very densely. The only problem is that when new discs appear, few people will use them. Why? Yes, because now more and more users are getting increasingly wide Internet channels. Even Blu-Ray in countries with a deep penetration of broadband Internet connectivity is not a very popular format. Why buy expensive discs when all this can be downloaded in a couple of hours (well, or per night)?
In any case, the new format will not become as popular as the notorious DVD. More and more people are watching high-resolution videos on various web services, which, by the way, are also quite a lot, and new ones appear every month.

But still, the new format, provided at least some of its popularity, will be beneficial to many, including game game manufacturers for game consoles or the same film producers - after all, many people still prefer not to download the movie, or watch it on the Web, but “ Do not bother "and just buy. But on the new media should fit about 50 films of super-high quality. It seems that such a novelty should find its consumer. What do you think?

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