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Subjective comparison of PocketBook 301+ and B & N Nook

PocketBook: friendship story

I bought my PocketBook 301+ a year and a half ago. During this time I read one hundred and fifty books on it and broke the screen three times. The design is to blame - the case is very thin, flexible plastic does not protect the screen from bending, so even with weak pressure it is very easy to break it.

Everything was complicated by the fact that the first pockets were released with very uncomfortable covers (later they corrected this mistake), and the book could only be charged by removing it from the case. Actually, this way (by accidentally leaning my elbow) I broke the screen the last (as it seemed to me then) times.

The next day on Ebay I ordered a Barnes & Nobles Nook.


Nook: beauty requires sacrifice

The purchase cost me 240 dollars. It would have been a bit cheaper through shipito, but it was too lazy to bother - in any case, it was one and a half times cheaper than in Moscow. Received, unpacked, used the day and ... was disappointed. But about this in order:


Externally, the Nook wins the Pocketbook in all respects. Solid, without gaps and gaps, very beautiful. I will not describe all his buttons and small screens - they wrote about this before me, but the appearance really makes an impression. Unfortunately, this pleasant emotions ended.


345 grams - quite noticeable, 2 times heavier than a poket. Because of this, the book is very hard to hold in one hand - if you hold your finger on the turning over button, you have to constantly make an effort to keep the book straight.

Touchscreen vs joystick

Using a joystick is much more convenient than a separate touchscreen-screen Nuka. Theoretically, the touchscreen gives a lot more opportunities, but, in practice, they have little demand. You have to first look at the touch screen to find the control, then look at the big screen to see what has affected it. With the joystick, everything is much simpler - the finger on the button, the screen in front of your eyes.

Lack of landscape orientation

For me, this is the biggest drawback. I know many people for whom this is not a problem, but I used to read books in this way - the lines are longer, much more comfortable to read.


The screen on the Nuk is updated noticeably slower than on the poketbook. In addition, I didn’t really like the black glossy frame around the screen - theoretically it performs the effect of “fields”, but it flashes directly into the eyes in the sun.


The fact that the Nook out of the box does not read fb2 is not a problem at all - there are converters that will make an Fb2 Epub in a few seconds, but after the software of the package, everything seemed a little ill-conceived. I missed the list of the “last open books”, which in the package was caused by briefly pressing “Power”. I was upset that Nuk ate all the folders in which I had spread out the books and brought everything in a single list. During the day I didn’t figure out how to read footnotes (I honestly tried).


After much thought, I decided to sell or give Nuk, once again go to repair the poketbook and once again promise myself to treat him more carefully. Still, in terms of convenience and usability, he is a head taller than anything I have ever seen.

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