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Best Bad Service

Habr is not a complaint book. But, nevertheless, articles appear on it with a given periodicity, which tells about those or other problems faced by habra users. Today I saw a review on working with Dragonar hosting , and even earlier a review on the work of Pay Pal . And I thought, why most companies that, in fact, provide services to the client, live at the expense of clients, with such disdain for them are treated? Why in the Internet era, when 10 dissatisfied users can create colossal anti-advertising, do companies continue to make mistakes after mistakes and do not care about their reputation? Why do large Internet projects hire highly qualified and well-paid developers, but they save money on technical support, which, by its nature, is the face of the company when communicating with the client?

People and Creativity

This post is addressed to those young habravchanam who present their future in this approximately sequence:
  • writing new code
  • organization of your own company
  • much money.
Life often infringes or refutes youthful expectations. No, you will definitely get something valuable - life is arranged in such a way that none of its participants is left without a reward - but it is not up to you what exactly will become a life prize. You shouldn’t have any illusions about how to get what you don’t mean in any way.

I am Above You All or How to Communicate with an IT Specialist

I begin a series of articles on the practical application of psychology for successful work with IT staff. Everyone knows that we are a kind of people. In some places stubborn, in places arrogant and even egocentric. These articles will be of interest to HR specialists and not only.

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